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Welcome to UK Immigration Lawyers in the US

The United Kingdom ( UK) Immigration now has one of the most difficult and complex immigration rules when compared to many other countries.

Our site is specifically dedicated to American Citizens or residents who which to relocate to the UK temporarily or permanently either as a result of marriage, business, studies etc.

It is important to use an experienced UK Immigration Attorney for your UK Immigration Applications, so that you know that you are presenting your case in compliance with the current law, this is because the UK immigration rules have been changing drastically over the last three years. Each change makes it more difficult to settle in the UK.

Examples of recent drastic changes in UK immigration law

  • Introduction of IHS fees (NHS fees) for certain immigration applications
  • Introduction of income criteria for spouse visas
  • Removal of appeal rights from family visitors
  • Removal of applications for retired persons with independent means
  • Several Changes to the points based system.

Why many applications are refused

  • The most common reason for the refusal of UK immigration application is due to the applicant not understand the immigration rules and therefore unable to present their case in compliance of the rule.

Other reasons are:

  • Some applicants simply complete the application form and provide documents , so if the immigration officer does not understand an issue, it usually leads to a refusal
  • Lack of proper presentation of the applicant and sponsors income
  • Providing irrelevant documents and missing out the relevant documents

Why use us

  • Our Immigration Attorney is a British Born Immigrant. She is a dual qualified attorney and practices immigration Law both in the United States and United Kingdom. She has over 15years UK immigration law experience and has over 95% success rate on immigration applications.
  • The case will be personally handled by the Attorney which means your case will not be dealt with by a junior lawyer or a paralegal
  • There is a U.S contact number for U.S residents and there is a UK contact number for UK residents.
  • We can arrange three way telephone consultations with the U.S applicant and the UK Sponsor.
  • We can help your spouse or family apply to come and live in the United States if you wish to leave the UK in future.
  • We deal with you inquiries within 1 business day.

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